Unboxing your Starter Kit

While our packaging is recyclable, don’t throw it away just yet! It is in fact a ready-to-go housing that you can already use for initial prototyping. Here you’ll see why.

F1 Starter Kit contents

Your F1 Starter Kit has 3 components:

  1. F1 Evaluation Board with global SIM card (pre-inserted)
  2. USB cable (type A to type C)
  3. LoRa FPC antenna

The F1 EVB is enclosed in an anti-static bag (not pictured).

The packaging will secure your F1 Evaluation Board and keep it safe from the elements as you conduct your evaluation.

The rectangular cutout on the side of the box secures the cable when you power up the Board.

The blue LED indicator for ZTP is visible even when the box is closed.

Handily included are options for securing the LoRa FPC antenna, and you can even connect and secure an external antenna (not included) to the Board with the circular cutout at the side of the box.