Add a CAP/T Sensor to Ctrl

In this section, we will explain to you how to add a SG Wireless CAP/T sensor to Ctrl.

Step 1: Create a sensor

  1. You should have a device created in Ctrl. If not, please follow the instructions here.
  2. Go to Devices and select the device you want to connect a sensor to.
  1. Under Sensor tab, click Add Sensor. You can enter the sensor’s MAC address, which can be found on the sensor, and add its name as well as a description.
  1. A new sensor will be added to your device > sensors table. You can also find it on the Sensors page using side navigation bar.

Each sensor can be linked to multiple devices, allowing for versatile integration. The data collected by the sensor will flow through the connected devices and ultimately reach Ctrl.

On your Dashboard, there should now be a Temperature and Humidity widget. These will update when the device sends sensor data to Ctrl. Multiple sensors will show up in a different colour with their name in the legend.