Getting Sensor Data

The final step to completing your first IoT network is also the most important – getting data. We have guides that will enable you to configure the system to collect and interpret different types of data, but here we will start with our CAP/T Sensor with temperature and humidity sensors for ambience monitoring.

The CAP/T Sensor comes with a CR2032 coin cell battery. Please remove the transparent film from the Sensor before proceeding.

  1. In your Ctrl. account, navigate to Menu > Devices, and click the Device to which you would like to connect the CAP/T Sensor. If you do not already have a connected Device, see Connecting your Starter Kit.
  2. Navigate to Sensors, and click Add Sensor. Input the MAC address of your CAP/T Sensor (6-digit number on white label affixed to Sensor).
  3. Input a name and a description known to you. The newly added CAP/T Sensor will appear on Menu > Devices > Sensors as well as Menu > Sensors.
  4. Navigate back to Dashboard to see new temperature and humidity data widgets that automatically update with incoming data from the CAP/T Sensor.
    Data from multiple sensors will be shown on the same widgets, labelled and differentiated by colour.