LoRa API Documentation


To initialize the LoRa stack, you need to do import lora to be able to call any lora utility and to automatically initialize the saved operating lora mode:

import lora                 # mandatory before any lora function call
                            # automatically initialize lora for current operating mode
lora.deinit()               # deinit the stack
                            # all lora calls will be ignored after it
lora.initialize()      # initialize the stack again and back to normal operation

LoRa Modes

There are two available modes for lora; LoRa-RAW and LoRa-WAN.

lora.mode()                 # displays the current operating LoRa mode
lora.mode(lora._mode.RAW)   # switch mode to LoRa-RAW
lora.mode(lora._mode.WAN)   # switch mode to LoRa-WAN

LoRa Test stub

In case of testing and no need to connect a user level callback, lora-stack provides an internal stub for callbacks to be used while testing.

lora.callback_stub_connect()          # connect the internal lora-stack callback stub
lora.callback_stub_disconnect()       # to disconnect it and connect user provided one

LoRa Events and Callbacks

LoRa events and Callback system are explained here


Lora RAW mode API documentation can be found here


Lora RAW mode API documentation can be found here