Setup F1 Starter Kit LTE connectivity using custom SIM card

Every F1 Starter Kit comes with an IoT nano SIM card pre-installed, the Ctrl client application is enabled to perform network registration and Zero Touch connection to Ctrl platform. In this tutorial, we will customize the Starter Kit for custom SIM card and localized setting.

Ctrl connection status

Ctrl client shows Ctrl connection status through the RGB LED and is defined as follow:

  • [Blue] – Slow and Short blinking – Powered up until connection to Ctrl is established
  • [Green] – Slow and Short blinking – Connection to Ctrl is established
  • [Blue] – Slow and Short blinking – Connection to Ctrl is lost

Configure for CAT-M1 or NB-IoT

  • In some countries only CAT-M1 or NB-IoT coverage is available from the Network Service provider
  • Identify your location and network coverage would help to shorten registration time
  • If you have CAT-M1 coverage, then no additional setting is needed. You can query current setting with the following commands
  • Please note these commands are only usable before your device is attached to LTE network
from LTE import LTE
lte = LTE()
lte_mode = lte.mode() # Return current mode
if lte_mode == LTE.CATM1:
    print(‘Modem is in CAT-M1 mode!’)
if lte_mode == LTE.NBIOT:
    print(‘Modem is in NB-IoT mode!’)
  • If you are in NB-IoT region, the following code is needed to put the LTE modem into NB-IoT mode
# The below will automatically reset the modem
lte.mode(LTE.CATM1) # switch to CAT-M1
lte.mode(LTE.NBIOT)  # switch to NB-IoT

Customize APN for different Network Service Provider

  • If you are using your SIM card instead of the bundled 1NCE, you will need to issue the following command to configure the APN setting of the SIM card that you are using.
from LTE import LTE
import time
lte = LTE()
while not lte.isattached():
while not lte.isconnected():
  • Replace the string “” with the APN of your network