Add LTE Configuration

You can add a new LTE configuration for your device to connect with Ctrl. Here is how.


  • Check with your IoT SIM provider for the network type of your IoT SIM (CAT-M1 / NB-IoT) and it’s APN
  • Network search time could be reduced if you know which LTE band is supported by your network operator of your IoT SIM


Step 1: Go to Networks Page

After you log into Ctrl, you can navigate to Networks using the link in Quick Start or through Networks tab in the side navigation bar.

Step 2: Enter LTE Info

Click on Add LTE Network button. You can enter LTE information in the form and hit save. Make sure the information is correct, otherwise the device won’t connect to Ctrl as expected due to network issue.

If your device is provisioned via ZTP, a new LTE connection will be automatically added for you, with name ‘1NCE’

Now a new LTE configuration is saved to your Ctrl platform and up to use!

Additional: Edit LTE Configuration

Click on the ... on righthand side. You can modify the LTE configuration or delete it permanently. However, please note that the deletion won’t be applied to the devices that have saved this configuration.