Firmware & API Reference

This chapter describes modules (function and class libraries) that are built into MicroPython. For standard modules implemented by Micropython, please refer to the link below:

SG Modules

These modules are specific to the SG devices and may have slightly different implementations to other variations of MicroPython (i.e. for Non-SG devices). Modules include those which support access to underlying hardware, e.g. LTE, LoRa, RGB LED, etc.

Note about the availability of modules and their contents

This documentation in general aspires to describe all modules and functions/classes which are implemented in MicroPython. However, MicroPython is highly configurable, and each port to a particular board/embedded system makes available only a subset of MicroPython libraries. For officially supported ports, there is an effort to either filter out non-applicable items, or mark individual descriptions with “Availability:” clauses describing which ports provide a given feature. With that in mind, please still be warned that some functions/classes in a module (or even the entire module) described in this documentation may be unavailable in a particular build of MicroPython on a particular board. The best place to find general information of the availability/non-availability of a particular feature is the “General Information” section which contains information pertaining to a specific port.

Beyond the built-in libraries described in this documentation, many more modules from the Python standard library, as well as further MicroPython extensions to it, can be found in the micropython-lib repository.