Configure WiFi

You can add a new Wi-Fi configuration for your device to connect with Ctrl. Here is how.

Step 1: Go to Networks Page

After you log into Ctrl, you can navigate to Networks using the link in Quick Start or through Networks tab in the side navigation bar.

Step 2: Enter Wi-Fi Credentials

Click on Add Wifi Network button. You can enter your Wi-Fi credentials and hit save. Make sure your credentials are correct, otherwise the device won’t connect to Ctrl as expected due to network issue.

F1 Starter Kit only supports Wi-Fi connection with 2.4GHz bandwidth.

Now a new Wi-Fi configuration is saved to your Ctrl platform and up to use!

Additional: Edit Wi-Fi Configuration

Click on the ... on righthand side. You can modify the Wi-Fi configuration or delete it permanently. However, please note that the deletion won’t be applied to the devices that have saved this configuration.