Establish data link between Starter Kit and Ctrl platform


  • Ctrl platform user account already set up
  • A pre-provisioned F1 Starter Kit with 1NCE IoT nano-SIM pre-installed
  • USB-A to USB-C cable for power supply and data exchange with PC host

Power up your F1 Starter Kit connection

The F1 Starter Kit is programmed to establish LTE network registration and connects to Ctrl platform when powered up by default, now we will verify this by the follow steps:

  • Connect your F1 Starter Kit Top USB-C port to your computer via USB, green [PWR] LED lights up.

  • Switch On the system with SW200 from OFF to ON.

  • [5.0V] and [3.3V] LED will light up.

  • The default script on the F1 Starter Kit will starts to run and the RGB LED will turn blue.

  • Upon network registration, the RGB LED will start to blink green and then goes to solid green after it’s connected to Ctrl platform.

  • It might take a long time for the F1 Starter Kit to perform network registration for the first time, depends on network coverage and band configuration.
  • After the kit is connected to the Ctrl platform, the default script will then send a online status message to Ctrl platform and we will verify in next section.

Login to Ctrl platform

View device status on Ctrl platform

After the RGB turns solid green, we can login to Ctrl platform ( to check device status and perform additional configuration:

  1. Go to Ctrl Device page, all devices will show up
  2. [Image]
  3. Identify your F1 Starter Kit with the MAC address, it should be shown as “Online”
  4. [Image]
  5. Your product is now online!

Additional device configuration

  1. Click on your F1 Starter Kit and then click on the Configuration tab
  2. [Image]
  3. Configure the device as you preferred, e.g. device name, Wi-Fi credential, etc.
  4. [Image]
  5. LoraWAN setting could be found in the LoRaWAN tab, which allow you to ADD LORA NETWORK and setup each parameter
  6. [Image]

Next Step

In the next 2 sections, you will setup your computer to work with F1 Starter Kit and send your data to Ctrl platform.