Power up your F1 Starter Kit connection

The F1 Starter Kit is programmed to establish LTE network registration and connects to Ctrl platform when powered up by default, now we will verify this by the follow steps:

  • Connect your F1 Starter Kit Top USB-C port to your computer via USB, green [PWR] LED lights up.
  • Switch On the system with SW200 from OFF to ON.
  • [5.0V] and [3.3V] LED will light up.
  • The default script on the F1 Starter Kit will starts to run and the RGB LED will turn blue.
  • Upon network registration, the RGB LED will start to blink green and then goes to solid green after it’s connected to Ctrl platform.
  • It might take a long time for the F1 Starter Kit to perform network registration for the first time, depends on network coverage and band configuration.
  • After the kit is connected to the Ctrl platform, the default script will then send an online status message to Ctrl platform and we will verify in next section.