The Server class controls the behaviour and the configuration of the FTP and telnet services running on the SG device. Any changes performed using this class’ methods will affect both.


import network
server = network.Server()
server.deinit() # disable the server
# enable the server again with new settings
server.init(login=('user', 'password'), timeout=600)

Quick Usage Example

from network import Server

# init with new user, password and seconds timeout
server = Server(login=('user', 'password'), timeout=60)
server.timeout(300) # change the timeout
server.timeout() # get the timeout
server.isrunning() # check whether the server is running or not


class network.Server(id, …)

Create a server instance, see init for parameters of initialisation.


server.init(* , login=(‘micro’, ‘python’), timeout=300)

Init (and effectively start the server). Optionally a new user, password and timeout (in seconds) can be passed.


Stop the server.


Get or set the server timeout.


Returns True if the server is running (connected or accepting connections), False otherwise.